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Kimberly Graham is an extraordinary coach! Her knowledge of the industry as well as the craft is so valuable to the students she works with. You walk away from one of her workshops being inspired as well as equipped to grow as an actor. I brought her in to work with my students and the experience for me as well as them will never be forgotten. On a personal note, Kimberly is such a beautiful human being and that commitment and passion for what she does spills over into all areas of her life.

The A.C.T.I.N.G. Coach

Cindy Hogan

Kimberly Graham is a phenomenal teacher, and truly cares about her students. She is a caring and passionate advocate for actors, and incredible casting director, a kind person, and very honest in her teaching approach. Her insight into the business is tremendous and invaluable. My students are lucky to learn from her. She is one of the best teachers around. 

Owner, MN Acting Studios

& Backstage Contributor

Matt Newton

I had hired Kimberly to teach numerous classes for me during my tenure as Director of Education and Events at Backstage and continue to do so with Actors Launchpad. Kimberly has a well-earned reputation as being a favorite on-camera coach among actors in New York City. Her insightful input is invaluable to actors that are trying to fine-tune both their on-camera performance and audition techniques. There is always a wait list to work with her, because the word is out: Kimberly helps you be better at what you do as an actor.

Actors Launchpad

Tom Lapke

Most of my actors are international professionals with agents and managers from vastly different cultures; France, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Kimberly Graham immediately gained their trust and respect. Her experience along with her ability to listen and give precise advice won their hearts. She is blunt and to the point-giving actors exact adjustments to consider. It's no easy task coaching the United Nations of actors, but Kimberly Graham has the unique ability to reach the soul of an actor.


Charles Weinstein

Kimberly is an amazing instructor. She taught both a youth class and an adult class at Scene-1 in DC. She was great with the kids and they learned a lot from her. She spoke to them in a way they could really understand, making both the kids and the parents very pleased.


The adult class was amazing. Every review we received about the workshop praised her and her knowledge of the industry and casting. She was able to help people understand how to break down scripts and how to deliver to camera. Being in the casting profession is one thing, but being able to help actors understand it, and instruct them on how to really hone their craft and bring their best performance at an audition is another.


We even had 2 actors drive 4 hours to attend the class as her reputation as a great instructor preceeded her. She spent extra time with people at the end of the class who had questions and she was incredibly helpful. We can't wait to have Kimberly return to DC for another amazing workshop.

Owner, Scene 1

Barbara Scheeler

Kimberly is the real deal. She gives our students tangible and actionable insights to push them to the next level in their castings.

Director and Owner of Miami Acting Studio

Ralph Kinnard

Kimberly has been a guest instructor at the Industry workshops I host. It is clear how much she respects and cares for actors. She has a great eye and her critiques are spot on. Each actor came away with a better knowledge of how to apply their craft after working with her.

Director, Instructor and Author of The Science & Art of Commercial Acting and The Science & Art of Film Acting

John Howard Swain

I have taken several classes with Kimberly Graham and have found her to be very intuitive with regard to what needs fixing in your performance and also incredibly supportive. She gets right to the point and expects you to rise to the challenge and I have noticed that this approach seems to work at their own pace and you always see a vast improvement. I highly recommend Kim's class. She is terrific.


Nancy Stewart

The first thing I felt when I met Kimberly at a seminar was her warmth and compassion. Once we got down to business, immediately she was right on with her direction. I knew then that I would continue to take classes with her. She gets "it" out of you, and as most of you know, sometimes that can take awhile, but she also has the patience and wherewithal to take you another way or have you try something totally different. She's gonna get it out of you. :) And she knows the business from both sides. Kimberly is someone that I will continue to see for training. She is also a very regular, nice person and very funny.


Jimmy Aquino

I only have positive things to say about my experience in Kimberly Graham's on camera acting class.She is incredibly down to earth and immediately put our group at ease with her great sense of humor. She makes actors feel comfortable, which takes away a lot of the self imposed pressure. It is the perfect environment to shake off any nervous energy and just "go for it." Kimberly wants actors to do well and gives constructive, honest feedback in a way that is encouraging. I was impressed to see how invested she was in each individual and it helped to hear the different notes that she gave each person. I will definitely be taking her class again


Jenna Caswell

The biggest lesson I learned from Kim's class is how to go the "extra mile" when analyzing my script and then incorporating that understanding into my performance. As a result, the number of my job bookings and callbacks has increased enormously.


Randy Schein

There are a lot of on camera classes in this city, but I'm telling you, any actor out there scraping the bottom of the barrel ought to invest in Kimberly's class only. Her feedback is specific to you, it's constructive and simple, inspiring and effective. Her experience as an artist puts her right in your shoes, and the result is a lesson in acting, career, even life that you can't possibly forget. Go!


Jennifer Angela Bishop

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