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About Kimberly

Thanks for checking out my site! Now that you're here, you might want to know a little about me. I was trained in and sang opera professionally for about 10 years before deciding that the travel and lifestyle wasn't for me. I always had a fascination and an analytical eye regarding people and behavior, so when I was contemplating my next career move, a friend of mine suggested casting. Given my background as a singer and performer, casting was a logical, wonderful step.

I've been the Associate Casting Director at Judy Henderson Casting since 2003. 

I've also been a frequent guest speaker and instructor at The Network, Actor's Connection, Stonestreet Studios, One On One Productions, The Actors Green Room,  Actors Launchpad and Esper Studio. In addition, I've had the privilege of teaching workshops in LA, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Jacksonville, Savannah, Philadelphia, DC, Boston, London, Berlin, Croatia, Madrid and Paris.

After numerous requests from actors during the audition and callback process, I began to see the gap in knowledge and understanding of what the process of acting and auditioning really is. Talent, training, professionalism, confidence, materials selection (which has a lot to do with finding your right fit), and whether or not you meet or surpass the expectation set by your  picture/resume have become primary themes in my private coaching.  Before long, coaching became classes, and classes evolved into series of trainings, and I've discovered that I love teaching; I love seeing the lights come on in actors.

It is a pleasure to guide and support actors who are breaking through personal barriers to jump into their acting with sheer pleasure and abandonment. This kind of work leaps off the stage and screen, and makes our jobs so much more enjoyable.


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You can contact me here directly or reach out through the mailing list.

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